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Pupshoppe: An ARMY FurMom's Journey Inspired by Love and BTS | #AGU_Lifestyle

Amid a world hushed by the eerie silence of a pandemic lockdown, I unwittingly

embarked on a journey that eventually led me to the Magic Shop.

Hello, I'm Flo. Pupshoppe proprietor, ARMY, and Albert’s mom. It all began with a simple act of

baking dog cookies for Albert to ward off the monotony of those endless lockdown days.

Positive feedback from friends and family encouraged me to share these treats beyond our cozy home. However, a realization struck me—Pupshoppe’s offerings lacked a crucial ingredient: a commitment to the health and well-being of our canine companions.

In the pursuit of improvement, I delved into the world of canine nutrition, earning my diploma in the final quarter of 2021. Pupshoppe evolved from a pandemic hobby to a business driven by a passion for crafting cakes and treats that not only delighted our furry friends but also nourished them with love and care. I stand firm in keeping these baked delights free of preservatives.

Now, you might be wondering, how does BTS fit into Pupshoppe’s story?

In 2022, a year that cast shadows on my spirit, I found solace and inspiration in an

unexpected place—the melodies and messages of BTS, particularly the genuine friendship that shines brightly during their Run BTS episodes. During this challenging time, while

mindlessly scrolling through Instagram one night, I stumbled upon a reel featuring the English

lyrics of "Magic Shop." The resonance was immediate, the lyrics a balm to the wounds of my

weary soul.

Through the notes and lyrics of BTS, a transformative journey unfolded. The members'

unparalleled work ethic and their songs became a beacon of light during my darkest hours.

Now, as Pupshoppe, which has been an online business since 2020, eagerly prepares to open the doors of its first physical store this month, the dream nurtured by these magical tunes becomes a reality: "You gave me the best of me, so you give you the best of you.”

Just as I have found comfort in BTS’ Magic Shop, I hope your fur babies find the same joy in our dog cakes and treats here at Pupshoppe.

For our fellow ARMY fur parents, here’s a special treat–enjoy up to a 7% discount on any

items in the Borahae Collection. Use the code titasofbts during checkout on our

website. A minimum cart amount of P400 applies. This offer will not last like APOBANGPO, so be sure to take advantage and treat your fur babies soon!

To stay updated on our journey, discover new products, and enjoy exclusive offers, follow us on Instagram and Facebook. We look forward to sharing the magic with you and your furry friends! Borahae!

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