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Transforming Self-Perception: The ARMY Glow-Up Body Image Goal | #AGU_BodyImage

When ARMY Connect PH and Titas of BTS launched the ARMY Glow-Up campaign in July 2023, many ARMYs immediately responded to the Body Image goal. Perhaps because it is direct-to-the-point and has a visibly obvious connection to BTS, seeing how all members take really good care of their bodies and physical health. But there is more to the Body Image goal than one would think.

Like mental health, physical health is also a pillar of self-improvement. If you don't feel physically well, motivating yourself to get up and start other things tends to get harder. Body Image is about taking care of your vessel, making sure to develop strength, energy, and stamina to work on the things that matter to you.

At the same time, it is also about feeling good about the way you look and having the confidence to show the world who you truly are. Part of the goal is to have a deeper sense of self, letting go of your insecurities, and not bowing down to the unrealistic standards of others.

The Body Image Challenge

When setting body image goals, it's crucial to focus on personal well-being rather than conforming to external standards. Whether you aspire to achieve a specific physique, adopt healthier habits, or enhance your overall physical appearance, prioritize your own satisfaction and fulfillment.

What holds significance is your appreciation of your journey—the learnings and self-confidence you gain out of the experience, and the feelings of pride and happiness whenever you see the transformed person reflected in the mirror.

Setting Body Image Goals

What personal goals can you work on under Body Image? Here are some examples:

  • To have better health and hygiene habits

  • To strengthen my physical defenses against illnesses

  • To build or maintain a strong and energetic body

  • To have an outer physical appearance that satisfies my own standards

  • To have the confidence to wear what I want

Get That Glow-Up!

Here are some activities that you can do to support your Body Image Goals:

  • Get the necessary physical exams to determine health areas you need to prioritize

  • Choosing healthier food options

  • Tracking daily steps and movement

  • Adapting non-negotiable morning or evening routines

  • Committing to a daily exercise or workout challenge

  • Consistently following a skin-care practice

  • Taking styling, makeup or grooming classes

  • Following a healthy sleep schedule

Join the Glow-Up Movement

The Body Image goal largely contributes to the inspiring narrative of ARMY Glow-Up. Not only does it offer visible and tangible results, but it also helps build one's confidence and self-esteem. By working on this goal, ARMYs are encouraged to embrace their uniqueness and reject unrealistic beauty ideals--two very important messages that BTS has repeatedly communicated in their campaigns and music. "21st Century Girl," anyone?

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