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Speak The Truth: The ARMY Glow-Up Communication Goal | #AGU_Communication

Among the seven ARMY Glow-Up goals, Communication is perhaps the most sensible and straightforward objective that all ARMY can and must aspire for. This goal directly reflects our identity as ARMY—the Adorable Representative MC for Youth.

"Representative" is the key concept that drives the Communication. Especially now that BTS is away performing their duties for their country, ARMYs are left to stand as spokespersons for our community. It is therefore our responsibility to be reliable sources of truth, especially when speaking to those who are still understanding the real value of BTS, not only as artists but more importantly as role models of an entire generation.

The Communication Challenge

In a world filled with diverse voices and perspectives, most especially on social media, effective communication plays a crucial part in telling the world our story. It challenges us to strengthen our abilities to discern what is truthful from what is not and also to foster a more inclusive and empathetic community in and out of the fandom.

At its core, the Communication goal underscores the importance of using words mindfully, treating others with kindness, and promoting a culture of respect and empathy, especially when speaking about BTS and ARMY in public. It's about recognizing the weight of our words and the impact they can have on others. It encourages ARMY to be more conscious of the words we use and the messages we convey and to evolve into better communicators while also serving as ambassadors of respect and understanding.

Setting Communication Goals

What personal goals can you work on under Communication? Here are some examples:

  • To become someone who BTS can be proud of to call their fan

  • To be a good ambassador for the ARMY community

  • To be a responsible partner for fellow ARMYs, especially to those who are still new and learning about our fandom

Get That Glow-Up!

Here are some activities that you can do to support your Communication goal:

  • Unfollow, block, or report pages and accounts that spread fake news and misinformation about BTS and ARMY

  • Do not share false information that tarnish the reputation of BTS and ARMY

  • Exclusively share news and information about BTS and ARMY from official and verified sources

  • Respect the privacy of BTS members by not sharing information about their personal lives and other activities beyond their work as artists

  • Do not support sites and accounts that violate BTS members' privacy to acquire content

  • Refrain from engaging in arguments online

  • Exercise patience and always speak respectfully to other people

Join the Glow-Up Movement

Among the many things that ARMY admires so much about BTS is their consistent display of good character and their ability to communicate their thoughts and emotions eloquently and respectfully. Their exemplary skills make us feel proud to call ourselves fans of BTS. This time around, we are taking up the mantle on their behalf to become effective communicators of the BTS-ARMY story.

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