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Be a #BetterARMYforBTS with the ARMY Glow-Up campaign | #ARMYGlowUp2025

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

ARMY Glow-Up Global Launch
ARMY Glow-Up global launch at the Pearl ARMY Festa, Take Two! event on July 8, 2023.

On July 8, 2023, ARMY Connect PH and Titas of BTS unveiled the global campaign known as ARMY Glow-Up 2025, at the height of the successful Pearl ARMY Festa, Take Two!. This initiative has a mission to help ARMY in navigating the challenging period of BTS' hiatus. ARMY Glow-Up encourages all ARMY to use this valuable time to work on self-improvement goals, with the aim of becoming not only better fans but also better individuals.

Before enlisting in the military, BTS members pursued various solo endeavors. They dabbled in acquiring new skills, embarked on personal journeys, spent quality time with their families and friends, enjoyed well-deserved rest, and dedicated themselves to solo music projects. These experiences marked significant growth in diverse aspects of their lives, which they consider a vital part of their journey toward becoming "better artists" for ARMY when they reunite in 2025.

A Time for Growth

The revelation of BTS' hiatus and their commitment to fulfill their military service was shared with ARMY during the 2022 BTS Festa Dinner Party. This marked the beginning of what is now referred to as "Chapter 2" in BTS' career—a bittersweet period for ARMY. We have been treated to an abundance of new music and content, but it has also brought the pain of temporary farewells. As more members prepare to enlist in the Korean military in the coming months, the challenges are expected to intensify.

However, within this period of "shadow" lies a glimmer of light. While we eagerly await for BTS to reunite in 2025, we look forward to the incredible stories they will share with ARMY. What new skills have they acquired? What realizations have they made for themselves? What new aspirations have they set for themselves after completing their military service? What kind of music can we anticipate based on their new experiences? The answers to these questions keep us all excited for what's yet to come.

What about ARMY?

Thinking about how exhilarating the experience of BTS' comeback would be for ARMY, we could not help but ask, "What stories will we tell BTS about how we spent our time waiting for them?" Think about the time we get to see them again and they ask, "How are you doing, ARMY? What have you been up to these past two years?" What will be our answer to those questions?

These are the thoughts that drive the ARMY Glow-Up 2025 campaign. The objective of this project is to motivate ARMY to embark on their own "Glow-Up Journey." During the wait for BTS, everyone is encouraged to focus on self-improvement in areas that hold personal significance. This way, we can continue our life's journey alongside BTS as equals — Better Artists = Better Fans.

ARMY Glow-Up Journey: 3-Step Guide

The ARMY Glow-Up campaign presents a 3-Step Guide designed to help ARMYs embark on a meaningful journey, which includes the following steps: COMMIT, CONNECT, and CELEBRATE.

STEP 1: Commit

The journey toward a Glow-Up commences with understanding your destination. What do you want to achieve by 2025? What personal changes or improvements do you envision yourself going through over the next two years? How would you like BTS to see you when we reunite with them in 2025? These are questions that the campaign encourages you to ponder, but only you can answer.

ARMY Glow-Up does not impose a one-size-fits-all standard for success. Instead, it encourages every ARMY to "set a goal that MATTERS TO YOU" and commit to working toward it.

To help identify your areas of focus, ARMY Glow-Up 2025 introduces the 7 Glow-Up Goals, also known as the 7Gs, serving as a guideline to make your Glow-Up journey more manageable:

  1. AGU Mind Power focuses on inner healing and personal growth

  2. AGU Body Image encourages the improvement of physical health, wellness, and self-esteem

  3. AGU Lifestyle invites you to manage your finances alongside your sources of income so can continue living your best ARMY life

  4. AGU Skills is all about acquiring knowledge and enhancing your existing abilities

  5. AGU Relations aims to help build meaningful interpersonal relationships with other people and communities

  6. AGU Communication is the thoughtful distribution of information about BTS and ARMY, and channeling the power of our fandom for good

  7. AGU Recreation touches on restoring vitality through creative outlets and relaxation, which are both very important in sustaining a happy ARMY life

STEP 2: Connect

Once you've committed to your chosen goal or goals, you can now move to Step 2, which is Connect.

While your Glow-Up goals are personal, the path to achieving them need not be solitary. In ARMY Glow-Up, the principle of "WE NEVER WALK ALONE" prevails, encouraging ARMYs to actively seek assistance, guidance, or companionship as needed. Consider learning from mentors or role models who have achieved what you aspire to accomplish, and connect with like-minded individuals or groups who share your interests. Share your journey with both old and new friends.

To help ARMY's Glow-Up journey, the ARMY Glow-Up team provides two forms of support:

  • Content: Through our website and social media channels, we share a wide array of content and engagement activities to aid ARMYs in their journey. This content may come in the form of digital tools, articles, blogs, videos, informative materials, educational stories, as well as workshops and mini-events to enhance the learning experience.

  • Partnerships: The team aims to collaborate with various individuals, groups, communities, brands, and organizations to facilitate engagement activities and make ARMY's Glow-Up Goals more attainable. Soon, ARMY Glow-Up will release a list of Glow-Up Partners to offer a range of services, including information, counseling, products, promotions, and other support for ARMY's Glow-Up journey.

STEP 3: Celebrate

Every journey, including the Glow-Up, has its ups and downs. To sustain motivation, ARMY Glow-Up encourages everyone to document their journey online using the official campaign hashtags #ARMYGlowUp2025 and #BetterARMYforBTS.

By using these hashtags on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Weverse, and YouTube, you make it easier for other ARMYs to discover resources and stories about the campaign, and your own Glow-Up journey. Share your wins, no matter how big or small, as they serve as reminders of your progress and can inspire others in their pursuit of goals.

ARMY Glow-Up is not merely a campaign to instigate self-improvement; it acts as a supportive community that walks with you, cheering you on at every step. Stay tuned for further updates on the ARMY Glow-Up campaign and the exciting journey ahead.

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